Warm winter salad of leek, savoy cabbage and chorizo

Savoy cabbages and leeks are currently very fresh and sweet here in New Zealand, and perfect to use in a warm winter salad. To make this vegetarian, leave out the chorizo, and to make vegan also leave out the blue cheese. To be honest this was a throw together the elements I had at home kind of dinner, the basic principle was to combine sweet (leeks and savoy) with salty (blue cheese and olives), nutty (walnuts) and spicy (chorizo).


  • Knob of butter (or olive oil)
  • 1 large leek, sliced lengthways in half and finely cut
  • 1/2 savoy cabbage, outer leaves and core removed, then diced
  • 6 cooking chorizo sausage (optional)
  • Large handful of black olives, stones removed and roughly chopped
  • Large handful of walnuts
  • Knob of blue cheese such as Stilton


  • Slice up the leeks and place on a low heat in a large pan with the butter, slowly caramalising
  • Roughly dice up the cabbage and steam for 3-4 minutes
  • Grill the chorizo, then cut into chunks
  • Once the leeks start to colour, add the cabbage, chorizo, olives, walnuts and blue cheese, stir through and serve.
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