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Pea, fennel, leek and spinach soup

I was searching for something to make using the ingredients I had not used during the week, when I came across this soup on Gourmet Traveller that combined almost everything that I had. The soup combination was great, you can … Continue reading

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Pumpkin, fennel and blue cheese lasagne

Here is another tasty lasagne from Hugh’s Everyday Veg, which is very rich with the blue cheese. Ingredients 1 kg pumpkin, skinned and cut into inch cubes 1 large fennel cut into 5 mm thick rings 150g blue cheese crumbled … Continue reading

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Dukkah crusted roast pork fillet with rice and lentils and fennel salad

This tasty dish came about because we just bought several different types of dukkah from Taste of Melbourne this afternoon. You can certainly make your own dukkah, but it is easy to use pre-bought. Next time I think I would … Continue reading

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Bacon and lentil soup

One of the most popular dishes posted on this blog has been the split pea and bacon hock soup. As tasty as that soup is, you do not always have a spare bacon hock lying around. Personally I always keep … Continue reading

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Broccoli soup with blue cheese

Broccoli is such a healthy vegetable, it even tastes a bit too healthy sometimes. The pairing of the broccoli with caramalised onions and blue cheese works very well, bringing creaminess and sweetness so it still tastes healthy, but not too … Continue reading

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