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Slow roast Spanish pork belly

I have no idea if they cook pork belly this way in Spain, but if they do not, they certainly should. The flavours I have used a definitely Spanish. The meat came out very tender and succulent, and the crackling … Continue reading

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Warm winter salad of saffron roast cauliflower and leek

I had never thought of roasting cauliflower before, along with broccoli I thought you pretty much could only boil and steam. However, you really can roast them and they come out beautiful. I’ll admit that I was not a big … Continue reading

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Roast beef fillet with mushrooms and shallots

Beef fillet is such a tasty cut of meat, you really get what you pay for. Last time we had fillet, we cut it into thick steaks and pan-fried before finishing off in the oven. This time we seared it … Continue reading

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Roast pumpkin soup with sage and cashew

This is a tasty and warming soup as the weather cools. Roasting the pumpkin, onions and garlic brings out the sweetness and makes this soup super easy to make. The safron is optional, but helps add more depth of flavour … Continue reading

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Roast wild duck and port ragout

A very tasty dish, that is ideal for the tougher wild duck as you pot roast the duck. This dish comes from Logan Brown in Wellington. This dish makes a large amount, so if you have only one wild duck, … Continue reading

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Beer can chicken

Beer can chicken probably started out as a joke amongst mates, but it is a concept that really works, even if it still looks as a joke. I have cooked it on my barbecue a couple of times with different … Continue reading

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